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Istanbul Sehir University

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City Istanbul
Number of Total Students 881
Number of academics 123
Faculties (only in english study) 6
Student clubs(Roll down list) 24
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Number of academic publishing Books/Edited Books
Universities with Articulation Agreements(roll down list ) N/A

İstanbul Şehir University (SEHIR) is a recently founded, non-profit, private higher education institution established by the Foundation for Sciences and Arts (Bilim ve Sanat Vakfı / BSV) in 2008. Its founder BSV is a renowned NGO functioning for more than 25 years in the field of social sciences.

With its young and qualified teaching staff, dynamic interdisciplinary curricula and eclectic programs, rich library and research-focused agenda, SEHIR aims to become a distinguished institution in Turkey and its neighboring regions in higher education and research.

International degree students from over 30 different countries already comprise 10% of the entire student body and this percentage is expected to increase each year in accordance with the strategic plan of the university. It should be particularly stated that compared to other universities, a high rate of scholarships is available for international degree students at SEHIR and, among other reasons; this attracts the best students from all over the world.

Valuing cultural diversity on the campus, SEHIR provides a safe and convenient learning environment for international students and offers them a friendly and cosmopolitan experience.


KU is now on the list of "The Times" Most Prestigious Universities

KU is now on the list …

KU is now ranked among the World's top 250 universities by the prestigious THE (Times Higher Education) rankings.

WTO Regional Trade Policy Course' Begins at Istanbul Bilgi University!

WTO Regional Trade Pol…

“WTO Regional Trade Policy Course” shall be held between 3 September -19 October in Istanbul organized in partnership with Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law, World Trade Organization and Turkish Ministry of Economy.

Global Perspective Program 2. Leadership Certification Training

Global Perspective Pro…

The Global Perspective Program 2. Leadership Certification Training will be held on 14th- 17th November 2011 at IAU

IAU Halloween Celebration At Portland State University

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Istanbul Aydın University made Halloween celebration with the students of Portland State University.İstanbul Aydın University of Science and Technology Institute President and chair of the American Fulfight Association Prof. Dr. Haydar Özpınar organized a Carv...

Istanbul Aydın University Made Subtraction To America

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Dr. Mustafa Aydın , The chairman of the board of trustees of Istanbul Aydın University went to Washington to participate the TAIK meeting. Dr. Mustafa Aydın   previously visited J Hopkins University  and  G. Dawn University . He will approve the  cooperation p...

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